Literature Rock, Indie Pop, Pop

The band's debut showcases a taut, novel sound; an assemblage of power-pop and jangling guitars that'll prompt you to dance in your garage. They've previously been featured on Matador Records co-founder Gerard Cosloy's Casual Victim Pile II Compilation, performed on Terre T's "Cherry Blossom Clinic" and recorded with Greg Ashley (of the Gris Gris). Now they're ready for their moment in the sun with this, another assemblage of paens in the key of pop. The release of Arab Spring, a joint venture by Square of Opposition and Austin Town Hall Records, is about to re-pressed and remastered (100 white vinyl, 400 black) as well as being released on CD in Japan on Waterslide Records. In fact, it's a "must-listen CD" at Tower Records listening stations country-wide.

At a Glance

"There's something so effortlessly iconic about listening to Literature's debut record, Arab Spring. [. . .] It's a record that'll sound great soundtracking parties, but also those 2 a.m. nights by yourself. Literature really delivered here, as the band's debut is endlessly listenable, thoroughly jangle-y and just downright good. Tunes this insistent cannot be denied."

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