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Oh No Oh My is a 21st century music business success story. This talented Austin-based quartet established itself as one of the most important new bands in Texas without the requisite years of touring or a series of critically acclaimed albums. The group's popularity wasn't designed or promoted by business decisions made in corporate boardrooms. Oh No Oh My built from its fan base up, through social networking and word of mouth that created a viral buzz in 2006 around a group of demos. Once the word was out it was those songs -- bright, cleverly turned compositions like "Walk In The Park" and "The Party Punch" -- that brought Oh No Oh My into widespread public view. The band became a household name through well-designed licensing deals that placed "Walk In The Park" on the soundtrack of the Showtime series Weeds and the film Greta as well as an ad for the Houston Astros; "The Party Punch" on the DVD of Juno; and "I Have No Sister" on the soundtrack of Medicine For Melancholy.

Since then Oh No Oh My has toured with Flaming Lips, Mew and Gnarls Barkley, released two Eps, Between the Devil and the Sea and Dmitrij, Dmitrij and made what the band considers its first "real" album, the multifaceted 2011 release People Problems.

“(People Problems) really is kind of our first record,” days vocalist/multi instrumentalist Daniel Hoxmeier. “Our first one was ‘write a bunch of songs, put ‘em on a CD-R, and hopefully clubs will let us play.’ The EP that came out later was songs that were even earlier than those. And the last EP was made quickly to garner excitement for a bigger album and a tour.”

The album title People Problems reflects a growing maturity in the subject matter of the band's songs, although the good-natured power pop guitar arrangements and superb vocal harmonies continue to keep the music upbeat even when the themes are more complex. The lighthearted etheriality of "So I Took You," "Brains" and "Not The One" don't match the grim lyrics of the songs, while "I Don't Know," "There Will Be Bones" and "Should Not Have Come To This" chime through cheery, Beatlesque structures.

“We’re just being true to ourselves,” says Hoxmeier. “I’ve known [bandmates] Joel (Calvin, drums) and Greg (Barkley, multi instrumentalist and vocalist) for years, and we’ve had other incarnations of the group where we were just playing really melodramatic and dark songs with weird metaphors about death. When we started Oh No Oh My, we weren’t writing from a place of being sad, so we ended up with a lot of happy songs. This album reflects change, of going through a lot of shit, both professionally and personally, and becoming more of an adult.”

People Problems also has its share of joyous affirmative pop tunes like "You Were Right" and the toe-tapping "Again Again."

Most of all, though, Oh No Oh My is about gorgeous music and well crafted songs songs built on strong melodies and novel arrangements. The group has begun releasing new material on its website in 2012, beginning with the monster guitar vehicle "Take It Back" and continuing with the earphone friendly psychedelic track "You Can Have It If You Want It."

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"I can't get enough of their new jam 'Take It Back'. It's got a slinky groove, soaring vocals and builds slowly to a blistering guitar solo and stomping finish. Pure pop perfection."


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