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Spaghetti western, circus waltzes and classic country combine into a sound distinctly their own. Haun's Mill, now located in Austin, TX, performs with period film projections, resulting in a powerful presentation of sights and sounds. The four-piece includes Austin's own acclaimed songbird: Eliza Wren, Utah's "Mt Rockmore" guitar guru: Nord Anderson, the bearded & tattooed drummer: Keith Palumbo,  and engineer & bass wizard: Courtney Jackson. The group has been called, "the best addition to the music world since Johnny Cash" by the Portland News.

Haun's Mill's second full album, due for release in spring of 2012, was recorded at Austin's premiere studio: Public Hifi, by Brad Bell. The music ranges from dance-able "feel good" roots to dark droning waltzes to colorful toy instrument solos to battlefront anthems. The lyrics tell both of historical events and mirror the concerns of today while also connecting audiences to their more personal day to day emotions. Eliza's lilting voice pleasantly harmonizes with Nord's raw vocals altogether complimenting the group's distinct instrumentation: banjo, vintage toy piano, spanish style trumpet, screaming electric banjo, accordion, upright bass, saloon piano, guitar & drums. 

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"Like a gang of buddies boozily reminiscing on the back porch behind the bar, Haun's Mill hoists a glass to the spirit of love lost and found..." 

--Michael Toland, Austin Chronicle

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