Sarah Jaffe Indie, Singer-songwriter

If there is one thing that Sarah Jaffe will never have to contend with it is the idea that she is a female singer for females. There once was a time that being a female singer meant you would undoubtedly be put into an all too snug box. Is she an angry singer? An activist singer? A singer for the victimor the singer your mom bonds with you over? To be honest, when Sarah’s new CD Suburban Nature was released on May 18th she inserted herself into and destroyed all those boxes simultaneously, because Sarah is a truth singer…and no matter who or what we are we all need and want our singers to be truth singers. Jaffe’s words and voice seem like they are speaking to you, only to you, yet they contain a universal appeal evidenced by the fact that she has recently toured with Midlake and Norah Jones — two completely different audiences who Jaffe, equally endearing and confident, easily won over.

Growing up in Red Oak, Texas, might not be ideal circumstances for breeding the kind of talent that is encompassed in Sarah’s songs, but it does beg the question of nature verses nurture. What we have in us before we are even us, and what we interpret because of life circumstances. Writing since her early teens, many of the songs featured on Suburban Nature were written long before she could even enter the clubs where they are now performed.

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