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Quiet Company, led by Taylor Glen Muse, is one man's vision brought to life with a little help from his friends. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Taylor Muse already has years of experience under his young belt, having fronted and played in many bands, including an early version of Eisley. After the break-up of his last band, The Connotations, Taylor hoped to complete an album of collected contributions from his extensive cast of musician friends. Instead, he played nearly everything himself, and ended up with a very personal and visionary endeavor entitled "Shine Honesty". By the end of it all, you may be uncomfortably aware of exactly who he loves, who he hates, and how he feels about them all.

After the release of their critically acclaimed first record, "Shine Honesty," Austin's Quiet Company took to the road for over 200 shows all across the U.S. The video for "Fashionabel," by Emmy nominated director Cameron McCasland, won several film festival awards and was added to rotation by MTV.CA. During that time songwriter Taylor Muse began recording demos that would later become "Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon".

In March 2009, almost three years in the making, Quiet Company released "Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon". Lyrically, the record is full of songs that will make you fall in love with life and then just as quickly, challenge everything you know about it. Quiet Company tells tales of love, death, and frustration with the world we're forced to live in. Though always uplifting, the songs range form the raucously energetic to the beautifully intimate and never go without melodies that are immediately haunting and infectious.

Quiet Company continue to deliver their charming, yet witty signature tunes with their new EP "Songs For Staying In," a 27-minute celebration of love and sex. Originally conceptualized with songs that were crafted for lead singer Muse's wife, the band added some b-sides from their previous album to complete their delicate look at love, relationships and intimacy. "Songs For Staying In" promises to take your ears out for dinner, impress them with sounds, keep them dancing, go home with and even stick around to cook breakfast for them in the morning.

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