rtb2 Punk, Garage, Indie, Blues

A volatile duo from Denton, TX with a multi-disciplinary sound that spans across a vast musical spectrum. From roots music to abstract progressive rock to soul to ambient soundscapes, you become contently spellbound with a colorful musical aftertaste by a sound much greater than the sum of its parts (live shows: vocals, guitar, and drums). Ryan & Grady played in bands together for seven years before developing this project. Birthed in 2005, RTB2 has released two EPs and a full-length. Their current release, In the Fleshed (EP), is an ecletic piece of experimental folk rock. It was recorded at home and mixed by Justin Collins in Denton, TX and also appropriately captures the sound expected from RTB2's live set.

"Ryan Thomas Becker is the most entertaining and mysterious front man I know, his vocal lines fitting like a glove over Grady's steady hands. I felt like I was watching a heated tennis match, my eyes darting back and forth between the two incessantly. Hearing them play satiates a primal hunger that I didn't even know existed inside of me. Their music throws open the doors to the beautiful splendor that is RTB2's dark, fascinating universe. I find myself wanting to travel there again and again, because not only do I find new passageways and new connections within their world but also within mine. It's like a maiden voyage to the center of yourself, with RTB2 acting as humble spirit guides. I find it incredibly apropos that their name is the simple, self-titled RTB2, because I can't conceive of another word or phrase that would do these two brilliant souls justice as a moniker."

--Laurel Johnston, My Denton Music.

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“Live, the über-duo...can channel the gale force of a Zeppelin, the angular angst of a Beefheart, and break it all down and reassemble at will.” 

--Steve Carter, Modern Luxury

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