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Cavedweller is Dirk Michener, who hails from Ft. Worth, Texas, where he was instrumental in co-founding the now-Austin-based Business Deal Records. In the tradition of the label's lo-fi bedroom recording aesthetic, Cavedweller fuses psych with pop to create a uniquely soulful sound comparable to T. Rex, Syd Barrett and Guided by Voices. Renown for his extensive discography of psychedelic folk rock, Cavedweller continues to influence and entertain with yearly releases of new music in various forms and formats. Whether he's playing with a complete band or by himself his message remains and his cult like following appear and disappear like Cavedweller himself. Presented with numerous awards from The Austin Chronicle, Cavedweller is a staple, if not the neck on the backbone of Austin's vibrant underground music scene.

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"Cavedweller doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Just lure them in to his warm sonic lair, buried under haunted layers of rock, and sing them a funeral dirge."

--Shon Toney, Haggard and Halloo Publications

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