Greyhounds Folk-Rock, Alt-country, Soul, Indie

The Greyhounds are turning heads by combining raw grooves and fresh melodies with elements of classic funk, oldschool
blues, and straightup soul. Not just your average funk band, Greyhounds infuse some much needed levity into the proceedings with a dynamic presence that goes far beyond mere musicianship. They enjoy what they’re doing, and it’s more than evident in their highly energetic shows. As tight breakdowns and relentless vibes ricochet off the walls, both wallflowers and groove connoisseurs alike will find themselves heading towards the floor to get their boogie on.

Originally formed in L.A., Greyhounds hit the road in 2000 and began building quite a reputation for themselves as road dogs, no pun intended. After two personnel changes and a relocation to Texas in 2002, the band found
themselves hungry for change and eager to take things to the next level. The first step was to write and record a new album. Greyhounds hid out in the historic Liberty Theater in downtown Tyler, TX in November and December of 2002.

Armed with the new material, the band headed to New Orleans to record in January, 2003. The ‘hounds hooked up with Robert Mercurio and Stanton Moore of NOLA’s own funky favorite and touring giant, Galactic, to produce the record. Special guest, Ani DiFranco, happened to be hanging out at the studio and lent her voice to a track. The finished product, titled “Liberty” as a tribute to it’s birthplace, is a raw record that has gotten back to the simplicity of writing great grooves, catchy melodies, and telling interesting and sincere stories. With Andrew and Anthony swapping many different instruments and lead vocal roles, there is definitely a different element and vibe for each tune. All around just a great record to have fun listening to.

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“Playing a fusion of musical styles, Greyhounds marinades the audience with groove sauce, sautés ‘em with soul, then deep fries ‘em in funk. And everybody’s comin’ back for seconds.”

--Entertainment Guide

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