Sarah Jaffe Indie, Singer-songwriter

Clementine (Alternate Version)

Melodramatic, Innocent, Reflective

Shut It Down (Cover)

Soulful, R&B, Dreamy

When You Rest

Soulful, Hypnotic, Melodic


rtb2 Punk, Garage, Indie, Blues

You Are Golden When You Walk

Raucous, Raw, Energetic, Cathartic

Blues Train

Raucous, Raw

Your Name Stays in My Throat

Raw, Energetic, Cathartic


Oh Look Out Indie, Electronic, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Bass, Not an 8-track

Rowdy, Fun, Defiant

Let It Out

Loud, Fast Paced

Start Start

Energetic, Hopeful


Leatherbag Punk, Alt-country, Classic, Americana, Indie, Retro

On Down the Line

Loose, Rowdy, Raucous, Rough

Tom Petty Summer

Rowdy, Anthemic, Romantic

Here Comes Change

Loose, Rowdy, Energetic, Driving


Golden Bear Psychedelic, Indie Pop

A Reason to Be Proud

Cathartic, Dreamy, Driving

The Darkest of Days

Subdued, Contemplative, Dreamy

Silent Prayer

trippy, Joyous, Uplifting


Zookeeper Freak-Folk, Singer-songwriter, Indie Pop

Snow in Berlin

Raucous, Wild, Nostalgic, Wistful

Ballad of My Friends

Loose, Raucous, Wild, Joyful, Playful

On High

Raw, Wistful, Yearning


Sahara Smith Indie, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Country

Myth of the Heart

mellow, Romantic

All I Need

Sweet, Romantic, Hopeful

Thousand Secrets Wide

mellow, Sweet, Nostalgic, Wistful


One-Eyed Doll Punk, Metal, Goth, Indie

Beautiful Freak

Cathartic, Anthemic, Driving, dark


The Octopus Project Indie, Experimental, Electronic, Instrumental


Frenetic, Energetic, Cathartic, Carefree, Upbeat


Pastoral, Disjointed, Dreamy

Snow Tip Cap Mountain

Dreamlike, Carefree, Expansive


Crooks Alt-country, Indie, Folk, Country


Bleak, Sad, Haunting, Wistful

18 Wheels

Ominous, Atmospheric, dark

River Road

mellow, Nostalgic, Yearning

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